We apologize having most of the website in Estonian only, but here's a small overview of what the festival is about, how you can get tickets and what you need to know about getting there and local conditions.

ATTENTION: if your are interested in our travel packages, complete with hotels in Tallinn, transfers to the festival and back, then please don't hesitate to click on the link "Welcome To Estonia" to the right of the festival logo above!

Hard Rock Laager (HRL) is the main event of the year for metalheads in Estonia and also the longest-running local rock festival. Festivals come and go, but we have been delivering quality metal with top-notch artists for 16 years straight. As every year, we have 22 bands on 2 stages for 2 days.

HRL takes place in a small town of Vana-Vigala, located about 80km south of the capital Tallinn. The festival grounds are at a picturesque riverside valley, giving the whole event a very down-to-earth feeling. People are friendly, sticking together and helping eachother out, as metalheads are supposed to. Should you decide to come, you'd find yourself in a very cozy atmosphere. Majority of the people prefer to spend the nights at the festival camping area (costs 5 eur per person, only ticketholders allowed). Beer is around 4 euro, hot meals around 7 eur, so you can make your budget accordingly. I guess we should also mention swimming opportunity and sauna, but you'll have plenty to discover on your own.

We have festival buses going from Tallinn to the festival on Friday and heading back on Sunday. The seats for these are limited, so we suggest to hook up with your local friends or come with a car of your own (parking is 5 eur per car). You can also enquire about a possible arranged trip from your country from "". From that address you can also ask about availability of tickets from the festival gates etc.

Once you arrive, you need to exchange the ticket for the wristband, optionally check into the camping area and then let the mayhem begin. We guarantee one of the nicest festival experiences with plenty of good bands to throw in the mix.